Dr. Kevin Orieux


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Dr. Kevin Orieux (or “DocKO” as he is more affectionately known by his co-workers and clients) studied psychology and sociology in his university undergrad years before achieving his DMD in 1989. By combining the medical sciences with the social sciences, Dr. Orieux founded Aararat Consulting in 1995 as an adjunct to his private practice clinical responsibilities. With his unique ability to operate on both sides of the scientific spectrum, Dr. Orieux has become an internationally recognized expert in creating healthy social dynamics with leadership teams, workforces and CEO’s, providing training to defeat employee disengagement, transform workplace culture and catapult company profits.

With his background in sociological research and his understanding of critical psychological principles that undergird consumeristic decision making, Dr. Orieux designed and supervised the first ever international socio-economic research project which examined an age-old conflict of perception as to why patients say they “hate their dentist”. From 1995-1999 a survey called “Your Dentist – A Love/Hate Relationship” gathered information online and was ranked in AOL’s top 20 most popular hits on the Internet. As a result of his research Dr. Orieux became the youngest dentist in the world to be granted an honorary fellowship in the Academy of Dentistry International, an organization that recognizes those who have made worldwide contributions to oral healthcare science and education. This led to Dr. Orieux being asked to provide key-note speaking across North America on the psychological and sociological parameters of patient-centered care, professional ethics and the cause & effect metrics of socio-economics as it relates to creating stronger client relations, synergistic human dynamics with co-workers and healthy corporate cultures in the workplace.


One of the biggest and certainly the most expensive problem facing business leaders and white-collared professionals, whether they be in IT, healthcare, engineering or some form of direct-to-client service industry, is how to defeat disengagement in the workforce. The more Dr. Orieux focused the resources of Aararat Consulting on this question the more this question became the central focus of Aararat Consulting’s “raison d’etre” because this research demonstrated that what is commonly referred to as “disengagement” in the corporate world is what medicine would call an “epidemic” that has more socio-economic influence in today’s global community than politics, fiscal policy and technology combined. In short, Dr. Orieux states that:


Unless leaders and their management teams acquire a working knowledge of how psychological influences and sociological conditioning create roadblocks to interpersonal relationships, cooperation and workplace productivity, then every business, NGO or community service will suffer from the the costs of inefficiencies that result when human dynamics are not working in synergy.

Twenty-five years after it’s founding, Aararat Consulting continues to provide leadership training in the realm of human dynamics (aka “soft skills”) to those organizations and corporate entities whose leaders and management executives understand that the road to success is only made possible by the collective power and contributions of its people, and that any business that wants to thrive in today’s multi-cultural, multi-national and multi-generational economy must embrace what Dr. Orieux has described as the 3 Tier Priority Model for Success, which is .

People first,

Performance second (and then)

Prosperity as a direct result of having prioritized the first two, as more important than prioritizing profit.

While the majority of the Corporate World may still want to tenaciously cling to the traditional 20th century dogma that profits (and shareholder dividends) trump the value of people, Dr. Orieux’s research shows the error in what he calls “Old World Mindsets” and he educates corporate and community leaders to help them understand how the advent of Millennials in the workplace has caused an economic and political shift from previous business paradigms. Dr. Orieux amjor educational focus is to teach leaders how they need to realign their mindsets to become in sync with new world thinking and accept the 21st century realities that management philosophy needs to demand a more inclusive approach to employee involvement and participation in corporate direction. Unless this happens, he warns, then disengagement will continue to be a global epidemic.

With a series of mentorship videos, including a no cost year-long young adult video training program that is reaching out to “The Next Generation” across the globe, Dr. Orieux presents a balanced perspective of reasoning that is objective to all segments of multi-generational demographic. Dr. Orieux’s TED talk about why disengagement has been mislabelled as an economic problem when it should be diagnosed as a social disease, is creating ripples into the boardrooms of every industry and he is now carving a reputation as one of the most cognizant authorities on why Baby Boomers and Millennials are at odds with each other in the workforce. What is perhaps the most unique aspect of Dr. Orieux’s teaching and corporate training programs is that he shows people of all ages and education levels how to take a medical approach to solving one of the biggest problems facing our society today.