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Sometimes Hate to be Right

Sometimes You Hate to Be Right

Dr Kevin J OrieuxNovember 20, 2020

In late February and early March, everyone was confused by COVID. Was it a flu? Was it limited to China? Would it…

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Small-Time CEO's

Why So Many Small Time CEO’s Stay Small Time

Dr Kevin J OrieuxSeptember 19, 2019

Gary is a small time example of the American Dream. For the purpose of this article, gender is not the issue. It’s…

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cash and gold coins Investment that Always Pays

The One Investment that Always Pays

Dr Kevin J OrieuxSeptember 6, 2019

Is this a good time to invest, or a bad time? When the Dow drops, is that a good time to buy…

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lazy customer service agent

Defining Customer Service: It’s Obvious, Isn’t It?

Dr Kevin J OrieuxAugust 28, 2019

Diagnosing Employee Disengagement in Customer Service Here’s a simple question: What is a CSR? Here’s the simple answer: A CSR is a…

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Totally Engaged Millennials in USS Abraham Lincoln

All Hands on Deck – That Includes Millennials

Dr Kevin J OrieuxJuly 31, 2019

The USS Abraham Lincoln is one of the most powerful weapons on Earth. As tension mounts with North Korea and the deployment…

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Millennial vs baby Boomers

Star Wars – Millennials vs Boomers

Dr Kevin J OrieuxJuly 18, 2019

What Can We Learn from Rey and The Last Jedi In the latest Star Wars saga, we see a re-occurrence of an…

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Lady with 2 phones confused - Bad Communication

The Gist of Our Problems Is Bad Communication

Dr Kevin J OrieuxJuly 9, 2019

One of the areas of workplace human dynamics that is the most expensive, is the lack of communication. I’m not talking about…

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Problem With Youth is Inexperience

The Problem With Youth Isn’t Attitude, It’s…

Dr Kevin J OrieuxJuly 4, 2019

There’s a proverb which states that the strength of a chain is limited by it’s weakest link. In recent years a plethora…

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Bad Communication

How Bad Is Our Communication?

Dr Kevin J OrieuxJune 25, 2019

If one of the most leading causes of expensive mistakes in the corporate realm is from bad communication skills (it is) then…

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Synergy vs Team

Synergy vs Team

Dr Kevin J OrieuxJune 18, 2019

In the previous post “Team is a 4-Letter Word” the rationale behind the title is that the word “team” has been so…

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Team is a 4 letter word

Team is a 4-Letter Word

Dr Kevin J OrieuxJune 15, 2019

In a previous offering of “Think About It…” I described how words can come to mean something different, and often the opposite,…

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Millennials Quit

Why Millennials Quit?

Dr Kevin J OrieuxMay 6, 2019

We have all heard the stereotypes relating to the work ethic of Millennials and (thankfully) there is a growing awareness that certain…

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Mentoring Millennials Unmotivated or Unmentored

Millennials – Unmotivated or Unmentored?

Dr Kevin J OrieuxApril 8, 2019

To stay afloat in the turbulent changing waters of our economy, every company needs to create a corporate vision and purpose that…

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planning and working

Plan Your Work, then Work Your Plan

Dr Kevin J OrieuxApril 6, 2019

Planning vision, structure, detail, budget, timelines and accountability On November 21, 1930 the mast was erected on the 102nd floor of the…

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