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The greatest challenge for anyone burdened with the yoke of responsibility is NOT about performance, protocols or procedures. Any professional, whether they be in the field of engineering, finances, medicine or technology, has the education to apply their specific skill sets to their specific industry.

Which means, as long as your company is small, and your few employees are almost like family, it can be relatively easy to manage.

But when your company is large, or if your goal is to GROW your company, the greatest challenge quickly becomes that of managing PEOPLE.


Because while procedures or protocols can be restricted to well-defined limits, the complexities of human interpersonal dynamics are infinite, and training in “soft skills” is not part of any professional curriculum.

And soft skills only deal with one-on-one or small group interactions.

Aararat goes beyond the typical weekend workshops you’ve probably attended or sent your executive team to. Aararat educates leaders in the sociological and psychological sciences, equipping them with conceptual thinking that can be extrapolated to any situational dynamic, and empowering leaders with the creative ability to implement sustainable solutions. In essence, Aararat teaches your leadership how to empower their people to overcome unhealthy mindsets and dysfunctional behavior.

So your people can optimize their performance.

And your company can maximize its profit potential.

More on Leadership Training

Aararat offers personalized training for CEO’s, executive VP’s, and senior managers who are responsible for ensuring that a company’s entire workforce is unified in upholding the company’s vision, pursuing well defined goals, expanding market share and attaining profit targets. Our training will eliminate the Us vs. Them Syndrome between Head Office and the Rank & File, break down silos and interdepartmental fiefdoms, while transforming the thinking of middle managers from a spirit of competition to spirit of cooperation.

Through a graduated series of on-site training, conference calls, online videos and real-time webinars over a twelve month period, corporate leaders will establish healthy interpersonal dynamics within their workforce, then set accountability mechanisms in place to prevent any future re-infection of dysfunctional thinking or antagonistic behavior.

When a company’s entire workforce becomes unified in vision and purpose, increased profits and sustainability is guaranteed.

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